Porcelain Crowns



Nicole came to see Dr. Glerum because of a broken upper molar. Unfortunately, this tooth was fractured so badly it could not be saved. Dr. Glerum diagnosed the cause of the tooth fracture and tooth loss as “bite disease”. This means that the back teeth are hitting too hard when chewing and the front teeth are too short to protect the back teeth.

Dr. Glerum has studied Occlusion, TMJ problems, and Bite Disease extensively. She has also taught these subjects to other dentists. Only about five percent of dentists will actually recognize and treat bite problems. See About Dr. Glerum.

In Nicole’s case, Dr. Glerum was able to reconstruct her upper teeth with porcelain crowns. This prevents future breakage because the function (occlusion) of the teeth is now ideal. Nicole now has no more worries about losing more teeth. In addition, she received a “smile lift” and is even more lovely than ever!
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Before After

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