Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials- Smiles By Glerum - Boynton Beach, FL

I Could NOT Be Happier!

“Dr. Glerum made recommendations that would not only address the mechanics of the issue, but also enhance the beauty of my smile. What impressed me the most was the time and care she took to answer all of my questions and concerns for the work we were going to do, at no cost to me, even though I literally took 6 months to decide. She also partners with a fantastic periodontist, Dr. Russell Gornstein who was just as wonderful about answering my questions – and also did beautiful work.”

“I just finished the work which included both upper and lower crowns and crown lengthening (or raising my gums to make my smile look better 😉 and I could NOT be happier. Even while my work was in progress I was getting compliments on my smile and have had strangers come up to me just to say how beautiful it is. More importantly, I know I have invested in quality work that will stand the test of time. I would recommend Dr. Glerum to anyone. I was a terribly picky and impatient patient and Dr. Glerum and her staff went above and beyond to ensure that my expectations were met and exceeded. (She and her staff literally came into work on a day they wouldn’t have normally been in the office to do my last procedure so I could be done in time for a big event!)
The value of Dr Glerum’s services is in the quality and beauty of her work and the unwavering commitment she has to giving her clients a perfect smile. I’m the proud owner of one!”
—April G.

• See this patient’s actual smile transformation here!

So Grateful!

On my first visit with Dr. Glerum she was able to diagnose a tongue thrust problem that I’ve apparently had my whole life. The tongue thrust was causing my tongue to push forward on my front teeth, and this was occurring every single time I swallowed. As a result, my bite was misaligned and causing excessive wear on my teeth, especially the ones in the back. She advised me to visit with Dr. Lunsford, a highly regarded orthodontist. Dr. Lundsford confirmed the tongue thrust diagnosis. He instructed me to have sessions with a speech therapist to correct the tongue thrust, and that braces would then make the necessary alignment corrections. He informed me that the correction of the tongue thrust was vital to the long-term health of my teeth.

So I met with a speech therapist who was able to teach me how to correct my lifelong tongue thrust problem. With regular practice over a few months time I was able to make the correction and now swallowing without thrusting my tongue forward is as natural as breathing. Once the thrusting problem was resolved I then wore braces to correct the alignment of my bite. I only had to wear braces for 9 months, and I was offered the option of wearing clear braces which made it even easier.

I am so grateful for Dr. Glerum’s diagnostic ability to discover what the root problem was regarding my dental issues, and to be able to advise me on the best treatment protocol for the long term health of my teeth. I’m happy to say that I no longer have the tongue thrust problem and that my bite is in its proper alignment. I’m quite certain that following her recommendation of addressing the root cause of my dental problems has ensured the long-term health of my teeth, and the favorable appearance of my smile. I’m really grateful to have found her as my dentist.

Sincerely, —Michelle B, Highland Beach FL

The Extra Mile

“My experience with Dr. Glerum and her team was nothing short of amazing! Dr. Glerum’s work is flawless and with the use of the latest technology, she created my perfect smile! In addition, Dr. Glerum and her professional staff always went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure and happy with the results.”
—Diane B, West Palm Beach FL


“It was great ! The office is beautiful and very clean. The staff is very pleasant and welcoming. Myhygienist was amazing, very sweet and made me feel comfortable. Explained everything thoroughly.”
—Susana C, West Palm Beach FL

So Impressed

“All my questions were answered and we were very comfortable doing business with the staff. First impressions to me are key to success. Our overall experience was outstanding. We were greeted, where we entered by a very friendly staff, with great smiles on their faces. The office was very inviting, great colors, nice and clean. The doctor was friendly, pleasant and very knowledgeable. We were so impressed I wanted to immediately change my dentistry. I would highly recommend Dr. Karen Glerum and her staff to anyone. Outstanding!”
—Mr & Mrs M, Boynton Beach FL

Thank You!

“Thank you to all of you for the excellent office visit, the hints to help keep the visits excellent – just a wonderful staff under Dr. G’s tutelage.”
—Linda W, Boynton Beach FL

Excellent Dentist

“Dr. Glerum has been my dentist for about 10 years. In my opinion, she is an excellent diagnostician. Thanks to her assessments and courses of treatment, including routine cleanings, my gums are healthy, my bite is proper and my dental work, consisting of crowns/veneers, are very natural and very pretty. Dr. Glerum is very approachable and easy to communicate with. Her staff is extremely competent, respectful and very friendly. I couldn’t imagine trusting my dental needs to anyone else.”
—Marylyn P, Boynton Beach FL

I LOVE going to this dentist!!

I have been going to Dr. Glerum for a few years now. It is always such a pleasure to go! There is never a wait to get in! The staff is beyond friendly! And Dr. Glerum always makes me feel so welcome. It’s truly a wonderful experience every time I go. The office is comfortable and Clean. It feels like a spa when you go in there!
—Amanda R.

Another Awesome Visit!!!

Invisalign check – Every visit is always a positive one. As someone that has never liked going to the dentist, Dr. Glerum is the best. From the moment you walk in the door Miriam, Alina, and Stacey always go above and beyond to make sure you have a great visit.
—Sharon V.

Here is a video testimonial from one of our dental implant patients:

Caring Staff

My thanks for making my visits pleasant ones!!!!!!
—Mary D.

Could not be Happier…

You could not fine a more caring, patient oriented group then Dr. Glerum & her staff if you tried. I could not be happier with my dental work, and my office visits. I had surched for quite some time befor I found Dr. Glerum here is this area.
—Vivian M.

My Best Smile Forward

“Dr. Glerum is a wonderful dentist who deserves a lot more than 5 stars. In my experience and opinion, she is at least a “perfect 10” in the “Cosmetic Dental Field”. I met Dr. Glerum in her office in early 2007. I had not seen a dentist in many years. Very bad idea. Dr. Glerum gently took over my dental health, patiently examining me with care and excellent chairside manner. She presented me with a treatment plan covering everything she was then going to start for me, from cleanings to fillings to crowns and whitening. Step by step she performed her magical dentistry for me. I actually do feel so much better, both in my mind and in my heart. In my mind because my gorgeous smile gave me renewed confidence. In my heart because I know overall I am healthier. My heart is healthier because my mouth is healthier. I’m staying in Dr. Glerum’s experienced and expert hands for a long time to come. Her office is modern, comfortable and beautiful. Her staff are a wonderful group of young, experienced professionals who take very good care of all patients. I made up my mind from the beginning. I am a good guy and I deserve Dr. Glerum’s care. So get a clean bill of health from Dr. Glerum for yourselves, because you deserve her care too.”
—George L, Boca Raton FL

Wonderful and Professional

“Alina is the best Hygienist in Palm Beach. She does the complete job. My mouth and teeth look and feel much better after her professional cleaning. I also appreciate the complete exam conducted by the dentist after the cleaning. The office staff is aways professional and cheerful. I feel great when I walk out knowing I had a good health care experience and look forward to returning for another cleaning knowing that this will help me keep my teeth for many more years. I’m glad Dr. Glerum hired such wonderful and professional people and that is a major reason why I chose to make Dr. Glerum my dentist.”
—Robert D, Boynton Beach FL


“What can I say but awesome. I am not one who likes going to a dentist, but when I visit this office I am made as comfortable as possible an dthe team is always cognizant of my needs and offers small things to increase my comfort level.I am always impressed by the professionalism, quality, friendly care I receive by the staff at Dr. Glerum’s office. I recommend this team highly without any reservation. What I like specifically is how the team interfaces with one another and includes me in what is taking place. They provided me with a comprehensive overview of my oral health status and and made reommendations for a treatment plan that suited my comfort level and time frame. They always work within the parameters of my tight schedule and are very respectful of my time.”
—Gail C, Boynton Beach FL

The Best Dental Experience

I had a chipped tooth that needed a cap/crown. I also wanted an analysis of the condition of my teeth with X-rays and and cleaning. I reveiwed various dentists on Angie’s list. Dr. Glerum had a superior review so I decided to go to her. Not only was the staff excellent and very thorough, they also communicated all that was beeing done. Dr. Glerum was very professional and for my mind the berst dentist I have ever gone to. The temporary cap was perfect and the permanent crown was even better with not a trace of unusual sensation in my mouth. I reccommend Dr. Glerum without reservation. She and her staff are superb!!!!!
The best dental experience I ever had and informative about what to do to keep my teeth in the best possible condition!


Doctor and staff are fantastic.
—Kathleen S.

Extremely Happy with this Dentist!!

People show their health and happiness with their smiles. When I found out that my overall health is directly related to my dental health I stared managing my overall health by seeing Dr. Karen Glerum. She is the best dentist I ever knew. And I’m smiling my way to a better life under her wonderful care.
—George L.


Wonderful office, professional, friendly staff.
—Vicki T.


Well taken care of 100%. Perfect Smiles by Glerum, Thank you and your whole staff!
—Nicholas D.

Always a Pleasure

A dentist office that always makes you feel “special”…. caring and professional.
—Barbara M.

Very Happy with this Dentist

Dr. Glerum is always professional. She answers all my questions and is very thourough with her exams and procedures. I have been going to Dr. Glerum’s office for 7 years and have had 13 porcelian crowns put in and she did a fabulous job. I was so happy with my new teeth and smile. I have sensitivity to some of my teeth and she and the her staff are always careful to use sensitivity equipment. Dr. Glerum has current technology and a very clean office. I always feel like I am at home and not in a dental office. They provide protective eye glasses as well during any work. She also provides music and a blanket for your comfort. Dr Glerum and her staff are so caring and I would not go anywhere else.
—Nicole W.

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