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Is Dental Bonding A Good Fix for You?

September 28th, 2015

The Dental Bonding Principles

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If you’re embarrassed by your chipped, broken, or stained teeth, there’s no need to hide your smile anymore. Dental bonding can restore your beautiful smile at a responsibly minimal expense and could be covered through your dental insurance. Dental bonding is a method in which tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth, molded into shape, hardened with a special light, and then polished. It is named bonding because the materials bonds or adheres to the tooth. This method is great for closing minor gaps between teeth or fixing broken or chipped teeth. Many opt for the use of dental bonding in filling tiny cavities due to the ability to mimic the color of the tooth as opposed to silver fillings.

Cracked or stained teeth, cavities and noticeable silver fillings are some of the difficulties that can be addressed with dental bonding. The procedure also makes it possible to reshape or re-contour existing enamel. While it isn’t an option for larger cavities, dental bonding is a great option smaller cavities in areas where force isn’t readily applied when eating. In this case it can act a “white filling.”

What Does Dental Bonding Require?

Initially, your dentist will use a shade guide to pick the best color composite resin to match the hue of the tooth. Next, a gentle phosphoric acid is applied to the area of enamel. This roughens the surface area to assistance the bonding materials adherence. The putty-like bonding resin is then placed on the area of the tooth and sculpted into the desired surface shape. With the use of an ultra-violet light or laser, the substance is hardened and affixes to the area. Finally, it is smoothed by buffing the area. The total process is usually painless and can be completed in one office visit depending on the number of teeth involved.

The Pros and Drawbacks of Dental Bonding


  • Dental bonding is less expensive than veneers. Costs range form 3 to 6 hundred dollars per tooth.
  • Dental insurance can cover some of the cost.
  • There is little to no need for anesthesia unless used for filling decay.
  • Little advanced dental preparation is needed.
  • Less enamel is eliminated than with veneers and crowns.
  • It is one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic procedures.
  • The procedure can usually be completed in one visit depending on the number of teeth that are involved. Time involved is usually 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.


  • The bonding material is more susceptible to discoloration overtime than crowns or veneers.
  • If you smoke, or regularly indulge in tea, wine &/or coffee consumption; this dental correction option might not benefit your situation due to the advancement of discoloration these substances would cause. Talk with your dentist to come to a clear conclusion about whether bonding would benefit you.
  • Bonding materials are more susceptible to breaking & chipping. In-spite of this, bonding materials can last up to 3-7 years with proper care.
  • The material is not as strong as those used for crowns & veneers and therefore bonding can be viewed as a temporary dental correction option.

Immediately after Dental Bonding

Mainly because of its vulnerability to stains and chipping as compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, it is essential that your bonded tooth is cared for properly to preserve its resilience. Observe the following tips to keep your dental bonding in outstanding condition.

  • Abstain or cut-back on espresso, tea, and colored wine consumption which will result in staining.
  • If you’re a smoker, it would be ideal to quit at this time. The tobacco elimination will not only improve early dental bonding discoloration, but also cut down your possibility of developing gum disease and oral most cancers.
  • Also, eliminate nail biting, ice chewing, as well as try to avoid biting into any other really hard objects.

Dental bonding is not always necessary in each and every circumstance, but it can be a handy and significantly less high priced way to enrich your smile and therefore boost your self-confidence.

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