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How Invisalign Works & What It Can Do For You

December 16th, 2016

Our Boynton Beach patients want the best smiles possible, and we want to deliver that smile to them.
There are many aspects of cosmetic dentistry we provide, but many of our patients want to know if their smiles can be straighter. You may have gapped teeth that prevent you from smiling your fullest. You may have crowded teeth that are embarrassing and hard to clean. One treatment gives you straighter teeth almost invisibly: Invisalign.
Dr. Karen Glerum has helped many patients achieve their dream smiles. Now let’s discuss how Invisalign works its magic.

The Consultation

Dr. Glerum is a skilled Invisalign provider, she has helped patients in and around the Boynton Beach area smile bigger. We offer our patients a free Invisalign consultation to discuss all aspects of the treatment. Adults undergo regular Invisalign treatment, and teens receive some special perks with Invisalign Teen treatment. We can discuss the differences with you and your teen.

The First Steps

Dr. Glerum and her staff of dental professionals will X-ray, photograph and construct a model of your teeth. She will use these to generate a 3-D image of your smile. Dr. Glerum will use Invisalign software to show you show how your teeth will gradually shift into place, and you’ll even see your expected outcome. Every patient is different, though most adult treatment times last between a year and a year and a half. Teenage patients may take a little longer, which is closer to average length of traditional braces. That said, teens would probably be happier with removable incognito aligners than with a mouth full of metal. Dr Glerum will predict how long your treatment will last based on your current alignment.

During the Treatment

Invisalign then creates custom plastic aligners for your treatment. The plastic is clear and nearly invisible, so your friends and coworkers won’t notice they’re in place. The aligners are also comfortable to wear and BPA-free. Invisalign was designed with flexibility in mind. You can remove the aligners to eat and to perform regular oral care. During treatment your teeth will stay cleaner and healthier than they would with traditional metal braces. Metal braces make it hard for you to floss and brush, and they create many crevices where food particles and bacteria can hide. You will wear each aligner set for about two weeks, depending on your treatment plan, and then you will switch to a new set. The new set will move your teeth closer to the intended straight smile outcome. You will only need to see Dr. Glerum once every six weeks, which is generally less often than with metal braces.
The beauty of Invisalign is that you will be able to tell your teeth are moving to their ideal positions each step of the way. You can take them out to enjoy a special date or to eat a fantastic meal. But the more you wear them, the quicker your teeth will reach their desired places.

A Straighter Smile id a Healthier Smile

Straight teeth will also improve your dental health, as aligned teeth are easier for you to floss and brush. The easier your teeth are to clean, the healthier they will be. Invisalign can correct gaps, crowding, overbites, underbites and crossbites. You can top off your Invisalign treatment with Zoom Whitening in-house tooth whitening to take your smile to the next level.
Contact our Boynton Beach dental office to discuss how Invisalign can help you smile confidently.

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