History Boynton BeachBoynton Beach is a beautiful city located in the county of Palm Beach, Florida. As per the 2010 census, its population was about 68,000 people, even though it’s been growing steadily over the last few decades. This is also the principal city of the metropolitan area of Miami which is home to approximately 6 million people as per the 2015 census.

The history of Boynton Beach is quite extensive and it’s certainly worth taking a look into it.

It all started back in 1894 – two years before Henry Morrison Flagler managed to construct his railroad. Then, a former major from the American Civil War – Nathan Boynton, set his sight on the area which is currently bearing his name, obviously. Boynton first hailed from Huron – a port in Michigan. He was particularly impressed by the natural exquisiteness and the overall nature of the area. The beaches are covered with sunshine throughout the entire year and that’s why he decided to build the particularly famous Boynton Hotel. This is where he also spent the winters with his entire family. It made sense, as it is particularly warm in comparison to other parts of the country.

The first settlers that Boynton brought from Michigan quickly realized that the area is particularly beneficial for fruits and vegetables to thrive in this overly fertile climate. Tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples and other citrus fruits were crated and shipped by the ton by the Railroad which was freshly built in order to satisfy the hungry Americans throughout the entire country. Major Boynton died on the 27th of May, 1911 in Port Huron. His hotel, however, managed to last for another 15 years until the 1925.

It was on the 26th of September, 1898, when the city of Boynton Beach was officially founded. This was when Byrd Dewey and her Husband Fred filed the first plat in the County of Dade’s courthouse for the so-called Town of Boynton. It was officially incorporated back in 1920. The name that is currently used was something that was used by a community which managed to break off from the Town of Boynton in 1931. That community changed its name in 1939 to “Ocean Ridge” and the so-called Town of Boynton got the name Boynton Beach far back in 1941.

Now, back in the 1926, the Seaboard Air Line Railway managed to enter what was called Boynton at the time, spurring significant development of the land near the Seaboard station. This was quite logical at the time as trains were main methods of transportation of people and goods and it made sense for the land surrounding hubs such as train stations to be prosperous. However, the land of the entire area started to become a lot more valuable and there were areas along the Intercostal Waterway as well as near the Federal Highway in Boynton which also managed to see significant housing developments. By the 1970s, the dairies weren’t as profitable and the areas to the west got converted into convenient housing developments.

The Oceanfront Park

The famous Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park has its location north of the site of the original Boynton Hotel. Back in 1921, though, the Town of Boynton managed to acquire this particular beach site from Lewis Howe. It issued an eminent domain for park and for recreational reasons. This is when the casino on the beach got constructed – in 1928. It also featured a huge dining hall, a lot of locker rooms and showers. This is why the Casino was the main social hub of the town as people used it for a lot of different events. It lasted for almost 40 years and got demolished back in 1967. The property, however, remained part of the Oceanfront Park.

From the 1920s up until this day, the park has been particularly popular. In the mid 90’s, the park managed to undergo a significant renovation. This was when the boardwalk was actually rebuilt and the material used for it is recycled plastic. It was also voted to be the best family beach in the entire county of Palm Beach in 2001. Once again, this time in 2011, the park was renovated and the plastic materials and the wooden ones were replaced. The buildings surrounding the boardwalk got renovated and improved once again in 2012 and this led them to the condition that they are in right now.

Unfortunate Events

Boynton Beach is no stranger to unfortunate natural disasters. On the 24th of October, 2005, Hurricane Wilma struck the town and caused significant damage to both homes and business establishments. Back in 2006, the government issued an authorization for the demolition of the popular and historic Seaboard Station. It managed to survive intact as it was in private hands but the service halted back in 1971.

In any case, it’s safe to say that Boynton Beach has its fair share of interesting events incorporated in its history. With over a century of historic events, a lot has happened in order to shape the town as we know it today. What began as a small family hotel is currently a semi-large city, heading one of the largest metropolitan areas of the country. With a population of 66,000 and counting, the city is undoubtedly one of the important hubs in this part of the country.

With significant strides in the export business, it’s no wonder that the motto of the city is “America’s Gateway to the Gulfstream”. This is also something which shapes the overly beneficial and year-round warm climate of the area. That’s what attracts a lot of wealthy people who want to get away from the winter and spend some quality time under the shining sun of the Oceanfront Park in Boynton. Ironically, this was also the main reason for the founding of the city.

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