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Karen Glerum DDS

Dynamic Dentist Helps Foster Children

August 21st, 2012

Child and Family Connections (CFC) thanks Dr. Karen Glerum and her wonderful staff at “Smiles by Glerum” for seeing and treating eight of our foster children in her dental office last week. Dr. Glerum is one of a number of area dental professionals who has agreed to help our children have the healthy smiles they deserve. Dr. Glerum’s generosity is the kick-off for the next few months of dental fairs for foster children in Palm Beach County.

CFC is working on this project with our case management provider agency, Children’s Home Society of Florida, South Coastal Division and the Florida Department of Children and Families. Upcoming clinics are scheduled at FoundCare Health Center in West Palm Beach, which has offered its dental clinic facility for these fairs.
Currently, a number of area dentists as well as other dental care professionals have volunteered to participate in these fairs. Many have also pledged to offer continued services for these children at their own practices after the fairs conclude.

Dr. Glerum and her office are a shining example of how the community helps support at-risk children in Palm Beach County. CFC salutes her and all the professionals who are pitching in.


If you know of a dental professional who would be interested in helping our children, please contact Steve Bardy at 561.868.4330 or

Please note: We do provide a limited amount of “pro-bono”, or free, dental care to the needy. These patients come to us from organizations equipped to screen them for true need. If you need help and feel you would qualify, contact your local health department, Donated Dental Services, or a local charitable organization. Thank you and we wish you the best in obtaining oral health!

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