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Dental Health News Online | October 2010

October 22nd, 2010

Dear Patient,

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Karen Glerum, D.D.S.

Working Out a Safe Smile

#If you play sports regularly or engage in a dedicated exercise program, your healthy initiatives are commendable. But before you stretch and don your protective gear, your dental team wants to ensure you remember to protect your smile, too.

Our first piece of advice for any athlete is to get fitted for a professional mouthguard. Even if your chosen activity isn’t a contact sport such as football or hockey, your mouth still needs to be protected from any kind of impact or stress. In fact, even weightlifters — who subconsciously clench their teeth when hoisting heavy weights — are wise to wear a mouthguard to avoid the risk of tooth fractures.

Bodybuilders and other athletes who use anabolic androgenic steroids should also be aware that, according to the American Academy of Periodontology, prolonged use of these drugs is closely associated with gingival overgrowth. Meaning, steroid users may suffer from overgrown gums, a condition that makes it easier for bacteria found in plaque to accumulate and attack supporting structures of the teeth, potentially leading to gum infections.

As well, the consumption of sports drinks is a popular way to re-hydrate after a workout, but be aware of the corrosive interaction between these beverages and your teeth. To help, consume your sports drink in one sitting, instead of sipping it throughout your activity, therefore limiting the amount of time your teeth enamel is exposed to the drink’s acids.

Ask us for more tips on sporting good dental health. And remember, we’re all on your dental-health team!

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Whiter, Brighter, Better?

#Many people who make the decision to whiten their teeth become so pleased with the results that they increase the frequency of their whitening program, believing that if white teeth are good, whiter teeth must be better. What’s the right white for you?

Some people try to match the color of their teeth to the whites of their eyes. However, a more effective way to get a good idea of your ideal tooth shade is to view our shade guides. Together, we’ll match your current tooth color to the corresponding color on the chart, then show you how whitening can change that shade. Even a change of two or three shades can make an impressive difference in a smile.

It’s important to remember that a lot of the “Hollywood” smiles people aim for may involve more than just tooth whitening. While whitening will certainly reverse years of everyday staining to give you a younger, fresher appearance, you may want to find out more about bonding, crowns and dental veneers, which will provide both the tooth color, and the perfect tooth shape and smile symmetry you desire.

Please ask us to explain the many cosmetic dentistry options available, to provide you with the white, confident, beautiful smile of your dreams.

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