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Is Bonding as Good as Veneers?

September 28th, 2017

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If your teeth are worn or chipped, it’s natural to want to do something about it. Veneers are one option to give you that new, flawless, Hollywood smile. Veneers are a great option but they do come with a higher price tag. If your budget just won’t stretch quite that far, bonding is an alternative that can help save you some money.

So, which option do you choose? In this article, we’ll discuss both so that you can make an informed decision about which option will work for you.

Dental Bonding

Let’s start off with the least expensive option – dental bonding. This is also called cosmetic or composite bonding and it can produce really great results in a single session. If you have a minor flaw, like chipped teeth, gaps or edges that are worn, this could be a good option for you.

The dentist will use dental composite to build up the areas that need it and reshape them as necessary. Dental composite is designed to match up with your teeth’s natural shade and is moldable until set, giving the dentist a fair amount of time to get the look exactly right. Once they have done so, the composite is exposed to a curing light to allow it to set.

The dentist will check one last time once everything has cured and make adjustments as necessary.


Veneers work slightly differently. The work out more expensive because they are made up of extremely thin porcelain or ceramic material that is laminated. They are fitted to the front of your natural teeth and cover the whole front of the tooth.

The advantage of veneers over standard bonding is that they create a much more dramatic finish. Whereas bonding relies more in the tooth’s natural color, veneers can transform it completely.

There are any different veneer treatments and products to choose from so it will pay you to discuss your questions with your properly qualified cosmetic dentist before making your final decision.

Which option you end up choosing will depend on the state of your natural teeth, and the extent of the transformation that you are aiming to achieve.

The health of your teeth is best determined by your dentist, preferably a dentist who has experience in cosmetic dentistry. They will be able to recommend either veneers or bonding, depending on how much of a change needs to be made.

They’ll also be able to run through all the relevant pros and cons for you.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Karen Glerum DDS As Your Boynton Beach Dentist

August 29th, 2017

Karen Glerum DDS

Choosing a dentist is something of a commitment. You want to have someone who is skilled and someone who uses the most up to date techniques and technologies. And sure, there are a lot of dentists around that fit those criteria. But you also need a little bit more – you need a dentist that you can really trust, not just someone who sees you as a cash cow.

The Relationship Comes First

And that is where Dr. Karen Glerum is different. She understands that it is extremely important to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Your smile is one of your most valuable assets and Karen understands that.

She will take you step by step through how to keep your smile bright and white for a long time to come. She works with her patients to ensure that they get the very best treatments possible – treatments that are based on what they actually need.

Dr. Glerum is the first choice for many when it comes to choosing a Boynton Beach dentist and she achieved that position by building lasting relationships with her patients.

She realized a long time ago that having excellent clinical skills was only a small part of the equation and that if she wanted to be the best dentist Boynton Beach had ever seen, she would also need to be worthy of her patient’s trust.

The Very Best Treatment Options

Of course, while the relationship with your dentist is especially important, you do also want the best possible care. Why settle for anything less? And that means using the latest in dental technology and superb clinical skills. Dr. Glerum is not only a highly skilled and experienced dentist, but she ensures that the practice makes use of state of the art technology and the very best in new dentistry techniques.

She and her team keep up to date with the latest developments to ensure that you are getting the very best treatment possible.

That Perfect Smile

The primary goal, when it comes to new patients, is to make sure that they are properly educated on preventing dental disease and how to care for their teeth. Dr. Glerum will work with you to ensure that your teeth and mouth is as healthy as possible.

The dental exams are very thorough to ensure that no potential problems are missed. They can check for anything for small cavities to oral cancer.

Once your oral hygiene is under control, you can discuss options for cosmetic improvements that you want to make. With a specialization in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Karen Glerum is the perfect person to help you build a winning smile.

Dr. Karen Glerum D.D.S. – Dentist Boynton Beach – We emphasize cosmetic dentistry & education on dental disease prevention. Also serving Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach.

Snap-On Smile by Karen Glerum DDS

April 11th, 2017

Snap-On Smile by Karen Glerum DDSHave you ever just wanted to snap on a smile? Snap-On Smile uses a high-tech dental resin that serves as a cosmetic solution, either temporary or permanent, based on your needs.

 In just two, short, painless visits to the dentist, you can enjoy an affordable and life-changing solution, no matter your age. Snap-On Smile fits on over your teeth to give you a natural-looking but beautiful smile, even if you have stains or missing teeth!

 It’s not a permanent fix for dental problems, but this non-invasive solution will give you a cover-up or a transitional smile.

 Is it right for you? If you have gaps, stains, crooked teeth, or missing teeth, this may be something for you to try!

 Might be getting bridges or implants? You should wait until those procedures are done before you get a Snap-On Smile.

 This quick fix is great for people who want a gorgeous smile without having to go through endless procedures. Hollywood smiles aren’t just for the rich now! Transform either your top row, bottom row, or both at the same time for an effortless way of returning a gleaming smile to your face.

 You can also give it a try if you have a partial, removable denture and would prefer a more comfortable, less old-fashioned alternative.

 If you miss how your teeth used to feel or look, try a Snap-On Smile for better aesthetics and easier eating! Get your confidence back. We know better than anyone that having great teeth can raise self-esteem and let you feel like your old self again. Confidence is fantastic for your mental health, so why suffer with teeth that make you miserable?

 Easy, painless, and quick! Just get your smile evaluated today, and you can get a fitting within 3 weeks. Then, you can wear your Snap-On Smile all the way home and beyond!

 This affordable option is inexpensive enough to be temporary but long-lasting enough to stay with you for years.

 Ready to get your smile back on track with a Snap-On Smile? Contact our team at 561-374-8922 for more information or to set up an appointment.

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